About Us


CAP is Born!

CAP was started in 2015 by W. Chad Nunnery, former executive of a large US composites leader.  After learning of the desire for advanced composite utility cover solutions - Made in America rather than molded overseas and stamped with an American sounding brand- CAP was formed in McAllen, Texas.  CAP uses high tonnage compression presses for the best blend of quality and affordability. 

US Composite Manhole Cover Manufacturing

First Traffic-Rated, Compression Molded Cover - Made in the USA!

Compression molding improves the cost structure with rapid production cycles versus the less efficient Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and other fiberglass (FRP/GRP) casting processes.  In addition, compression molding improves quality by reducing entrapped gas, ensuring a complete thermoset polymer cure and fully impregnated fiberglass, eliminating many post process operations, and conveying higher strengths from internal, hardened-steel, mold cavity pressures during part formation.


US Made - Short Lead Times, Traceability, Service

Faster production cycles and our Texas location allow CAP to promise customers weeks, not months, for product delivery.  We also mold manufactured dates into the product allowing trace-ability to raw materials for analysis.  Want to see how the product is made...no need to travel across the world.  Call us - in American time zones - and we can speak to you in native English (or Spanish!).

US Made Composite Advantages


Inflow: A USA-But Not International-Priority

Most international countries that mold composite manhole covers have one sewer line for both sanitary and stormwater.  Thus, the concern for rain inflow into the sanitary sewer is not a priority.  CAP's covers can eliminate inflow through the cover.  Most imported covers are not watertight and will allow substantial I&I.


Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion - A USA Focus

Because the devoted sanitary sewer system in the USA is not as dilute as combined sanitary + storm sewers, US hydrogen sulfide levels reach very high ppm.  Thin walls of international frames can break exposed to heavily corrosive environments. 


Traceability? Root Cause Analysis? Good Luck with International Product...

CAP covers and frames have molded-in manufacturing dates.  If your import cover has any issue, what will your importer do to help?  Sell you a new - potentially still defective - product.

Imported Manhole Covers... Cheaper, But Worth It?

This eye-popping 2-minute trailer of award-winning, "Cast In India," by Natasha Raheja, shows critical US infrastructure produced by the world's largest cast exporter and “a glimpse of the working lives of the men behind manhole covers...” The breathtaking health, safety, and environmental conditions at the manufacturer overshadow potentially fatal concerns of product reliability, consistency, and durability – which directly impact pedestrian safety in US streets. (See more at castinindia.com)

Back to Basics


Profit with Panache!

Composite Access Products is a family company, value-driven, and customer-focused, while injecting fun and personality into business.   (photo on left: CAP founders with their families at recent Christmas bowling party)


  • Customers Write Our Paychecks...this mantra shapes our daily activities and decisions.
  • Integrity toward all
  • Employees are the primary asset and success is rewarded.
  • Creativity and new ideas are encouraged…paradigms must be shifted.
  • Bureaucracy is actively avoided.
  • Health, Safety and the Environment are integral to every product and decision.
  • Waste of all forms needs to be reduced and ultimately eliminated.
  • Responsibility and accountability rather than excuses and blame
  • Think, collaborate, plan, decide, then act, but never over deliberate
  • Follow-up is critical.
  • Measurements and indicators help decisions. Avoid data paralysis and dependence on technology.
  • Contribute and engender a positive force to the community.
  • ​Have fun.



W. Chad Nunnery - President, Founder

...grew up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts graduating from the Ivy League halls of Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH with Engineering and Chemistry degrees in 1994.  With 25 years of composites experience, Mr. Nunnery brings expertise in material properties, market application, molding processes, part design, and global composites industry relationships.  He has led several start-up operations: two in Mexico -  residing in Mexico City for 6 years - one in Brazil, and one in the U.S.A.   Personal Fun Facts: He is still the only Berkshire County individual in Massachusetts history to earn the combined State Championship title for boys high school cross country .  And even though he hails from New England, he  loves Texas with his F-150, cowboy boots, shotgun, and beautiful Mexican wife.


C. Andrew Brown - Operations, Founder

...grew up in St. Louis Missouri graduating from University of Missouri, Columbia with B.S. degrees in both operations management and accounting and is a licensed certified public accountant in the State of Texas.  Mr. Brown is currently the President and majority owner of Valley Die Castings in McAllen, TX which he has successfully managed since 1997 growing his company 5x from when he bought it.  Mr. Brown brings facility space and a broad business acumen with expertise in obtaining financing, capital procurement, molding, tool design, safety and regulatory requirements.  Personal Fun Facts: When Andrew is not at the factory 12-14 hours per day, he can sing every Beastie Boys lyric and is the best dancer on the floor.  He is also Mizzou Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals biggest fan.


Scott C. Fry - Market Expert, Founder

...was raised in Brownsville, Texas graduating in 1995 from Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and holds Professional Engineering (P.E.) and Certified Flood Manager's (C.F.M.) licenses with the State of Texas.  Mr. Fry serves currently as the General Manager of the Valley Municipal Utility District in Rancho Viejo, Texas.  Since 1997, he has served municipal positions in water and waste water for the utility infrastructure in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. In addition to understanding infrastructure opportunities for composites, he also can obtain specifications with municipalities, water supply stores, and contractors.  Personal Fun Facts: Scott was born in Matamoros, Mexico and grew up in Texas racing motocross bikes competitively.  He is passionate about traveling and exploring Mexico.