Shock and Burn

Branded by Hot Manhole Cover

Young Woman Branded by Hot Manhole Cover - NBCNEWS.COM

  "A woman who was branded with part of Con Edison's logo after falling onto a burning hot Manhattan manhole cover is suing...the incident will leave her with discolored skin on her back and arm for the rest of her life..."  

Iron Conducts Heat & Electricity - Composites Insulate


Composite Covers are Insulators - Iron Covers are Conductive

 CAP Composite Covers have very low heat transfer and act as an electrical insulator. Burns on bare foot pedestrians, pets, and small children are virtually eliminated by incidental contact as compared to the fast heat transfer inherent with metal cover solutions.  Also, stray voltage from electrical lines and salt water conductivity will have an increased layer of protection with the natural insulating properties of these composite products.  Do you want to avoid the shock and burn with iron manhole covers?   Just CAP that! ®

Our Most Innocent are at Risk

Burn Warnings for Pets and Barefoot Pedestrian Painted on the Street

Burn Warnings for Pets and Barefoot Pedestrian Painted on the Street


Reaction Time before Burn with Hot Iron = less than half a second

Extra Reaction Time with a Composite Cover = over 20 seconds.

Photo Left: The Universal Hub in Boston reports this image after complaints to the Mayor's office in September 2011.

Child's feet burned by hot manhole cover in St. Louis

Burned Feet In Parks Can Be Avoided

"...Who would ever think that a manhole cover would be in excess of 140 degrees?" 

-Eden Prairie attorney Donald Mark said Monday outside a St. Louis County courtroom after a pretrial conference

Electric Shocks


Composites in Circuit Breakers - Arc Prevention

Composite materials used in CAP's manhole covers are commonly used precisely to prevent and quench electric arc in industrial and residential circuit breakers.  They are also used as insulators for charged third rails on metro lines, substation insulators, and even lighting rod insulators!  No shock and burn with our covers...JUST CAP THAT! ®

Dog Shocked by charged manhole cover in Boston

Shocked Dog in Dorchester MA - December 2017

 "Biting his own tongue, bleeding from his mouth, shaking," Natali said. "I was thinking he was having a heart attack, something - I don't know what. "  As reported by Jacqui Heinrich, Fox 25 Boston.

Man and Dog electrocuted by manhole cover in New York

Even with Shoes , Pet-Owners also at Risk

"30-year-old architect Jodie Lane was electrocuted while walking through New York's East Village with her two dogs. Her dogs were shocked first. She noticed they were in distress, and when she tried to help them, she stepped onto the electrified metal cover of a utility box."  As reported by CBS News and Associated Press.

Thermal imaging captures iron manhole cover conductivity

Conductivity of Iron Manhole Covers On Display

The London Evening Standard, April 3, 2015 -Incredible thermal images demonstrate the heat conductivity of metal manhole covers.  In this extreme situation (a fire in Holborn, England) the covers vividly show the heat transmission with glowing white hot images.  Composites can also be formulated to auto-extinguish fire with UL flame ratings of 5V.