Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) Test Result - "Best By Far"

San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) tested the CAP cover in their equipment.  They reported 0.00 gallons per minute at 3 inches of head pressure above the cover,  0.00 at 6 inches, and 0.00 at 9 inches.  They stated that this was "the best performance by any cover they far."    Note: the water flow sound in the video is water leaking through the tank frame, not through the cover and frame.

Case Study: Fulton County Seals System with CAP


First Watertight System in Georgia

Fulton Today TV featured Roy Barnes, the Deputy Director of Public Works, who initiated the watertight collection system impervious to storm water.  Less storm water I&I means fewer cases of sewage entering our lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Less toxic matter and pathogens for aquatic life and potentially our drinking water!


CAP is Part of the Solution!

Fulton County selected CAP because of our proven watertight performance.  And CAPs prevent gaps, cracks, and holes that develop from sewer corrosion that create water pathways for inflow.


Fulton County's Lead

I&I contributes to sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) when the entering volumes exceed treatment capacity.  SSOs pollute lakes, rivers and potentially drinking water with toxins, pathogens, and other nasty things in our wastewater.  SSOs cost cities money from EPA fines, treatment operating costs, and capital for overcapacity treatment plants.  Without I&I, cities would save money as they could buy smaller treatment plants.  Fulton County shows that a smarter approach will save money and the environment.

Video: Submarine Hatches Don't Leak...Why Manhole Covers?

"Infiltration and Inflow" (I&I) is the industry term used to describe storm water entrance into the sanitary sewer system.  I&I increases treatment costs and can cause Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) when the volume exceeds the pump or plant capacities.  State and Federal EPA departments penalize local municipalities with heavy fines for SSOs.  Watertight CAP covers reduce I&I preventing water from entering through to cover and frame.

I&I Reduction - Case Study


Baytown, TX Reports Pump Run Time Reduction

After installing CAP traffic-rated composite covers and frames at 46 targeted manholes, Baytown, TX, city officials reported dramatic reductions in pump run times at their lift stations convincing them that the I&I in that section of town had been measurably reduced by using CAP covers...Just CAP That! ® 

Compression Molded Composites Advantages- I&I Prevention