Injury and Liability

Iron Cover Theft Lead to Injury and Sometimes Death - Then the Lawsuits Follow

CAP composite manhole covers provide zero recycled content, no rewards for criminals, and safer streets with covers in their place.  Tack welding, special locks, and other solutions are merely costly band-aids and can be bypassed by clever thieves.  You and your kids may be safe...for now. (Video: unsuspecting pedestrian catching a bus falls into a coverless manhole)

Video: Houston Man Survives Nine Days After Fall in Manhole

Missing manhole cover causes Houston man to fall in manhole

Houston Man Survives 9 Days After Falling in Coverless Manhole October 19, 2017

The gentleman in the video survived 9 days stuck in a manhole after falling into the sewer hole that was missing the manhole cover.  Theft of manhole covers for the metal scrap content can injure and even kill, but through his survival skills, he was able to make it out okay...CAP is happy that he is now recovering.

Falling Injury Cases Blanket US Television News

Providence Jogger Falls into Coverless Hole

Jogger falls in open manhole

April 6, 2015 - Channel 10 NBC News in Providence, RI reports that a jogger falls into an open manhole and was "seriously hurt."

11 Year-Old San Antonio Girl Injured from Fall

San Antonio girl injured falling into open manhole

Stolen manhole covers replaced after 11 year-old girl falls in a manhole and injures herself.  Iron cover theft affects our children.

Record Verdict for Manhole Fall After Cover Theft

Lawsuit for stolen manhole cover causing fall into manhole

$85 Million Verdict for Brown University Medical Student Who Fell Into Coverless Manhole

 "According to Lawyers USA, the Gustafsson verdict was the largest personal injury verdict in the United States for 2008. It is also the largest premises liability verdict in Pennsylvania history, and the second-largest compensatory verdict ever in the state."