Watertight...or Vented!

Vented CAPs with Molded-In (Not Drilled) Holes!


If you don't need our watertight version of the CAP ONE , and need to release line pressure, CAP can mold-in vent holes...not drilled holes!  Drilling can expose fiber filaments to the environment.  And CAP's vent holes are not on the structural members (photo on right).  Molding-in holes is impossible or difficult to do with other composite options.  For example, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) vacuum-fills the molds with liquid resin entering from one port.  Pins in the mold would cause two resin flow fronts around the pins creating a potentially weak "knit-line" in the part where the flow fronts rejoin.  CAP's raw material flows from every direction in the mold eliminating flow fronts and knit lines.


CAP ONE® - 30


CAP ONE ® is our standard cover and frame assembly.  The number next to the brand indicates the clear opening of the frame.



CAP STONE ™  products demonstrate another differentiating composite advantage from iron - blended stone hues - not just painted.



The CAP RF ® represents the newest technology in the world market of manhole covers.  Asset tracking, locating, and GIS!

CAP ONE ® - 24


The newest CAP ONE ® dimension- the 24 inch clear opening- now available!  This version has new options like top pick hooks.

CAP 605 & 547 (imported)


Less expensive imported option with smaller flanges and hardware, the CAP 605 and 547 are traffic-rated, 24 and 22 inch options.

CAP 900 (imported)


CAP 900 is our largest cover assembly available.  36 inch clear opening and traffic-rated, from our certified international vendor.

CAP ONE ®-30 and CAP ONE®-24

Molded in Texas, USA


Concerned about sending tax-payer funds to foreign manufacturers?  Desire trace-ability to raw materials and local support? Contact us for a facility visit.

TX DOT Approved


The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) sent CAP the letter formerly approving composite covers in TXDOT infrastructure and right-of-way in August '17.

Rapid Compression Molding


Compression molding improves cost & lead times with rapid production vs. the less efficient, higher cost, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM).  Call your distributor to stock-up!

Molded-In Colors


Interested in differentiating your wastewater, storm water, and other utility lines with a quick visual - perhaps colors will help.

CAP ONE-24 Now Available!


CAP is excited to have our most recent molds here in Texas and production has started.

Molded-In Logos


Are custom logos important to your city, business, campus, or other organization? CAP can create the tooling for your look.

CAP Innovation - Locate Covers with Metal Detectors

CAP Solution: Locating Buried or Overlayed Manhole Covers - Metal Detection of Composites

Sometimes municipalities need to locate manhole covers that are hidden.  The covers could be in a field or buried.  On occasion, the state DOT contractor will overlay covers with asphalt.  CAP has an innovation that allows for metal detection with common metal detectors...and still no metal reinforcements or metal fastened to the cover! Plus, the CAP cover actually causes stronger metal detection readings than a cast iron cover.  This video shows a CAP cover detected under 12 inches of dirt.  Just CAP That!®

CAP ONE® Features


Corrosion Resistant Hardware

CAP locking systems and metal hardware exposed to H2S gas are made with 316 Stainless Steel - Austenite crystal.  This gives the maximum resistance of a metal to corrosion and is not magnetic.  If your locking hardware is attracted by magnetic forces like the cover hardware shown in the photo, the lock may corrode.  This could cause problems locking and opening the cover in the future.


Thicker Frame Walls

Compared to another composite option, CAP's frames (top frame in photo) have twice the wall thickness and twice the flange.  This provides adequate robustness for vehicle impact and other common handling abuse.


Want Your Logo - Send Us The Detail

With your city or company artwork, CAP can produce interchangeable, hardened steel molds for the center, top arch and bottom arch positions.  These molds can withstand 800 tons and look sharp!  Our logo mold locations represent the largest customizable surface geography in the composite manhole cover world.  The large space allows for crisp and intricate logo detail that can't be accomplished in a small area.   And CAP logos are molded in the substrate - not merely a decal that can wear off over time.  

Photo shows the Harlingen and McAllen, TX center logo molds, and you will notice that it is a mirror image of the actual logo.

Quick In-and-Out Paddle Lock Option

CAP offers a 4-bolt system that provides a 0.00 GPM (perfect watertight seal) perfect for flood plains.  Plus, we offer a paddle lock option, which is a quarter-turn latch that hooks into the frame.  The lock comes in an Allen Head or Pentahead.  Dirt shields are affixed to prevent dirt accumulation.  A top hook helps open the cover...even without tools.

Easy Opening Cover...Even One-Handed

CAP covers are lighter than iron...but NOT too light!  Manhole covers were not meant to be Frisbees (Frisbees fly). This video demonstrates an alternate method to open a CAP with a common cover lifting tool - one handed!