Lightning Fast Lead Times - Compression Molding in USA!

Made in USA - and Compression Molding Process Rather than Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) - Shorten Lead Times


A large, recent order through Core & Main was processed in a matter of two (2) days from PO receipt: raw material procurement, production scheduling, cover molding, testing, hardware assembly, and packaging for delivery.  These covers were not in stock for simply pulling from a rack...they were molded with our high tonnage press popping covers out in fast cycles that only compression molding could accomplish.  RTM, Spray-up, Lay-up low volume processes take too long to accomplish this quick turnaround.  Plus, no need to wait for a ship from China to cross the Pacific and get stopped at Customs.  Want short lead times...

Just CAP That!®

Why Settle For The Cheap Chinese Knockoffs? Remember What Happened With The Chinese Hover Board? Lumber Liquidators? Avoid that embarrassing 60 Minutes interview in your office.



Once again, Chinese manufacturers have chosen to duplicate American product innovation, this time in a composite manhole cover imported by a US group. Though this cover looks the same, do you know if they use the same diligence on the type of resin chemistry? What about the fiberglass? 

McIntire Management Group Shows Off CAP


The MMG group recently put the CAPs in a primary location in their booth at Arkansas Water 2019.  Thanks to Mark McIntire, Andrew Moseley and the team for this honor and all the hard work that week.

Wow Them with CAP's Custom Logo Capabilities!

Pharr Texas Loves CAP's Logo for Their City


One of our newer custom logos!  The detail on this cover has not been rivaled in the composite manhole cover world.  

Large Texas Municipality Tests CAP for I&I -"Best By Far"

San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) tested the CAP cover in their equipment.  They reported 0.00 gallons per minute at 3 inches of head pressure above the cover,  0.00 at 6 inches, and 0.00 at 9 inches.  They stated that this was "the best performance by any cover they far."  Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) of rainwater into the sanitary system causes Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) causing environmental and health concerns.  Note: the water flow sound in the video is water leaking through the tank frame, not through the cover and frame.

Wave Transmission Through Covers!

Abilene, TX installed CAP covers attached with Smart Cover Systems. CAPs allow wave transmission from the antenna through the cover while metal covers block waves.  No antenna holes were needed which give a water pathway for I&I. Plus, a more delicate placement of the cover was made easier with the lighter cover. The Smart Cover System’s satellite transmitter alerts utility crews on their portable handheld devices before sewage backflows so the problem can be prevented.  Just CAP That!®

South Texas Manufacturers (STMA) Video Highlight

The South Texas Manufacturers' Association (STMA) featured CAP in this brief video highlight to show what our company does and a little about how we do it.  Click the "Play" arrow in the center to view the video.

CAP ONE® - 24 Has Arrived!


Introducing the CAP ONE® - 24!

The newest product line from CAP - the cover and frames for a 24 inch clear opening, molded in our Texas facility.  CAP has added some new options including a top pick hook, molded-in mounting holes on the bottom for meters and other technologies, and many others.

Infiltration Problems? Just CAP That!!!™

Infiltration and Inflow - I/I - prevented by CAP covers

Submarine Hatches Don't Leak...Neither Should Your Manhole Covers

Suffering from Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) of rainwater into wastewater systems?  Have floods pushed your treatment and collection to their limits? Hit with federal consent decrees?  CAP covers are watertight as recently demonstrated with 16 inches of water above the cover surface that did not leak through the sealing systems to the hole open to the floor below.  CAP’s cover left the area “bone dry” after a month of submersion.

New Technology!

Digital Image of Logo Before Even Making a Mold


 CAP offers a new technology to customers! We can now digitally "create" the cover with the city's logo (photo shows the City of San Juan, TX) - CAD drawings give a 2-dimensional image, but this new method gives the customer an actual view of the product...BEFORE it is molded or the tools even created. Want to be sure how your city logo will look before approving it...Just CAP That!!!™ 

Actual Molded Cover - 2 months Later


The actual molded part shows a clearer view of the finer details than the digital image, but the computer generated illustration on the left gave a very accurate prediction with 3-D depths as can be seen in the tread.  The molded cover validated the digital performance.

Exciting News!

Measurable I&I Improvements!


Baytown, TX recently reported that CAP covers reduced pump times for lift stations in a neighborhood after installing CAPs.

National Plastics Exposition '18


A. Schulman's booth featured CAP at the NPE 18 this year.  NPE is the largest US Plastics show occurring once every three years.

CAP Satisfies in High H2S


Brownsville, TX inspected the CAP cover and frame in an extreme environment - 1500 to 2000 ppm H2S, and said, "it's doing great."

Nasty Frame Iron Corrosion


Utility teams in many US cities realize that their manhole frames have corroded so severely that the cover supports have vanished - covers are held by a thread.

Design Sofistication


CAP uses 3D printing to validate critical part design features before investing in highly engineered tooling.

Show college pride with Color!


Show college pride with your Colors!  Perfect for campuses with heat insulation to protect barefoot students.  CAP molded Texas A&M Maroon and U. of Texas Burnt Orange.  We can do your colors next.

TXDOT Approval


Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) issues its official approval for composite manhole covers in right of way - CAP is ready with the molded in logo!

Colorado Rural Water Show 2018


Streamline Sales and Marketing's Jeremy Schraeder demonstrates the CAP cover.  Streamline represents CAP in Colorado and Utah.

Fort Worth, TX


Fort Worth, Texas team watches CAP present the composite solution before replacing a cast iron cover and frame in a city street.  

WWETT 2017


Heavy booth action at the WWETT 2017 convention in Indianapolis demonstrated the voracious need for composite covers.

CAP US Manufacturing


Innovation–Infrastructure–Made In The USA

 CAP embodies three popular themes in our current national economic mission. 

Corrosion Resistant Solution


Jim McCain of McCain Waterworks Marketing shows the "bullet proof" - from H2S  corrosion - manhole chimney with CAP composite covers.