The CAP RF ® (Patent-Pending)

CAP RF - Composite Manhole Cover with RFID, GIS, Asset Tracking

CAP Game-Changing Technology

First of its kind, compression-molded, composite manhole cover with Radio Frequency Identification...ENCAPSULATED IN  SUBSTRATE!!!  The CAP RF® enables the engineers and operators to store and retrieve manhole data and in-hole asset information.  Currently, engineers need to open the cover or travel back to the office, but with the CAP RF ®, information is retrieved at the point-of-use...and without opening the cover.


What is Encapsulation?

CAP molds the RFID hardware into the raw material compound during pressing process!  This removes worries about the RFID tag breaking off or getting damaged by the corroding environment under the cover.  

CAP RF does not need antenna shields

RF and AMR Signals Pass Through Composites

Metals absorb electromagnetic waves requiring penetrating and protruding antenna.  Waves pass through composites!  Special antenna shields to protect damage from impact (e.g. snow plows, handling from contractors, etc.) are not necessary.  Infiltration and Inflow through antenna holes can be avoided. 

Locate CAP RF® Cover With Radio Waves!

The encapsulated RFID Technology can be located with RF Scanners – No metal pieces fastened to the covers for metal detectors are necessary!    

Example Situations:

•Asphalt Overlay

•Hidden in Landscaping

•Obscured by Uncut Grass   

Examples of Data Storage on CAP RF®

CAP RF composite manhole cover with RFID for asset tracking, GIS, data storage

Identification and GIS

  • Manhole ID
  • Rim Elevation
  • Invert / Flow Line
  • Force Main
  • Lift Station
  • Aerial Photos of Location 
  • GPS Latitude & Longitude

Maintenance and Inspection

  • Consignment Date
  • Pipe, Chimney Materials Used
  • Supplier Information
  • PE Sign off
  • Maintenance Date
  • Inspector Name
  • Inspection Notes

In-Hole Asset Information

  • Components
    • Potable ARV 
    • Potable Meter ARV
    • Storm Sewer Filter
    • Sewer Level Sensor
    • Flow Meters
  • Operating Instruction Links
  • Septic vs. Interceptor Tank 

Other Potential Data...Fields are Customizable

  • # of Inlets
  • Inlet Diameter
  • Upstream Info.​
  • And Much More