Grease Trap Interceptor Covers

Composite grease trap covers

CAP Composite Interceptor Covers are ideal for restaurant grease traps.

Restaurant owners and managers need to clean these tanks on almost a monthly basis, and lifting a 200 lb cover several times per year can lead to injuries, workman's comp, and law suits.  As an added bonus, CAP composite interceptor covers resist the heavy H2S corrosion caused by bacteria feeding on the kitchen effluents .

Happy with CAP composite covers for grease traps

Happy Customer Testimonial!

Mike Gomez has improved his product offering to restaurants for grease trap installs.  He now is proud to partner with CAP and include composite covers on every one of his traps.  This particular project was located at a prime location and new restaurant in McAllen, Texas. Thanks Mike for the Facebook "shout-out!"



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